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Amazing Tickets’ new app is the easiest way to buy concert, sports and theater tickets throughout North America. You can easily find events in your area using the built in location identifier or search for any event. We hope you enjoy finding, shopping and buying tickets.

Key Features
* Find tickets to events based on your geographic location using the GPS in your phone
* Find tickets by Venue, Sports, Concerts, Theatre, or Hot Tickets in your area
* Find tickets using the “This Week” events listing
* Search for tickets anywhere in the United States or Canada using the search tool or by changing your location in the settings
* Huge ticket inventory – one of the largest ticket exchanges
* Premium tickets and below face value tickets to almost every event
* Sort the tickets by cost, section, row, or quantity in the event view
* View or hide the venue map while searching for your tickets
* All purchases are safe and secure
* Place your order through the App or simply use the call button to place your order

The Amazing Tickets mobile ticket app provides you with the power of the Internet in the palm of your hand with the intelligence of a mobile app.

Now you can search and buy tickets from anywhere. You can search for venues, sports, and theater events based on your geographic location, or you can change your location in the settings menu. You can also search for any event through the easy to use search tool.

Ticket listings include a venue map that you can enlarge and shrink or simply hide. The results are easy to sort by section, row, quantity, and price.

All tickets purchased through the Amazing Tickets App are 100% guaranteed authentic and genuine. The Amazing Tickets mobile ticket app is safe and secure, protected by a privacy policy, encrypted data, and secure keychain on your iPhone.

Place your ticket request by phone or complete your entire ticket purchase through the app in minutes.

Thank you for using the Amazing Tickets mobile ticket app and enjoy your show or event.

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