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Camila Alves Gets “Brazilian Street” With Her Kids | Mom2Mom | E! News

Is Matthew McConaughey the bigger disciplinarian or does Camila run the show at home? Plus, Carissa Culiner learns her top parenting hack.

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Camila Alves Gets “Brazilian Street” With Her Kids | Mom2Mom | E! News

10 comments on “Camila Alves Gets “Brazilian Street” With Her Kids | Mom2Mom | E! News

  1. It's a bit past 10pm and I'm finally finishing my DVR'd episode of Daily Pop (like I do every week day night when everything is done lol)… so I'm a bit more than half way thorough, when Caressa mentions she was starting this new web series where she sits down with other (celebrity) moms and talks about motherhood. I got so excited, that I legit paused Daily Pop to come here real quick to watch the first episode lol. I Haven't watched yet, wanted to comment this first, but I already know I'm just gonna adore it! I'm so excited and really can't wait to see which celeb moms will be on! Also curious and excited to see just how relatable they are to us every day mommas. I think that not only will this be a cute, super fun/funny and very entertaining little series to watch, but that it'll also remind people, that at the end of the day, celebs really are only human! And let's be real…there's nothing more real than motherhood!! Lol. So this it's gonna be wonderful! Also, lets not forget that Caressa will be the one to always interview! Whoop! Whoop! 👏👏. Lol. I mean obviously, logically , it only makes sence that she would be the one for the job, as I can't think of any other mothers off the top of my head (besides the queen Juliana) that work on enews in front of the camera atm. Though of course I don't know them all lol. My point though, is I just love Carresa! I love her interviewing style…and truly I just really like her as a human being, as a powerful and beautiful woman, wife, strong and loving mother and of course TV host/personally. I do believe it takes a village to raise a child and I appreciate other mothers advise, when seeking it. As long as there's no judgment or any ridiculous mommy shaming going on (which is just absolutely absurd and I don't get it) then I believe we really can all learn from each other! Especially when you're a first time parent it can be so helpful to watch mommy vloggers or join some kinda community online and get some very cleaver and great ideas! But of course momma knows best! Lol. So I definitely think many women/mothers can relate to Caressa, which then just makes her super likeable! Fun and easy to watch too. So I'm just super excited to see her continie this and to watch her relate to these othee mothers… who also just happen to be very famous lol and definitely vise versa too! #DailyPop is legit my favorite show! Lol. Sounds funny to even me that I consider Daily Pop my favorite show! 😂. Lol. No shade or anything obviously! I'm just laughing at myself because there are so many incredible, powerful, beautofully made incredible shows out there atm. Yet for me, Daily Pop is where it's at lol. Not sure if it's considered a guilty pleasure or not. But if it is, its definitely one of mine! Lol. The chemistry between the shows main/regular cast…Caressa Justin and Morgan is just everything! I adore them soooo much! Its never the same when just one of y'all are out for a day. So when I tune in and see all three of y'all, I get hyped lol. (Don't get me wrong! I also love the other women and men from E! who sometimes fill in for them too! Everyone is just great at what they do). But the main cast is just iconic! I'd say the best panel (for lack of a better word) on a talk shows like this. Every day when I tune in and see all 3 there, I'm like "Yassssss"! Lol. They truly just work so well off each other!! They really make each other better!! You can very easily tell that there's real love and real friendship there, it really projects on screen, it's great! Also, even though they're close friends, they're all just different enough to keep it interesting. It just works so well all around! I mean I do enjoy hearing the latest about what's going on in pop culture… didn't really realize it till now lol, but it basically replaced my old nasty little magazine buying habit lol…but anyways… even more so than that or anything, I just love to hear the 3 of them gossip, banter back and forth, laugh together and at each other lol, throw shade lol, show love, and just really, genuinely seem to have fun together each show! Its obviously not an easy job, even when you're fortunate to be working with your friends. Yet they make it look so effortless! Anyway, I digress lol. I did not mean for this to end up all rambly🤦‍♀️. So anyways, this new little mini series is going to be awesome, I already know. Now to video and then back to Daily Pop! Lol. 👏💕👶

  2. Hahaha “Brazilian mad” you only know the meaning of that if you ask a child who has a Brazilian for a mother. I’m a Brazilian mother and I’ll leave it at that lol

  3. Yaaaaaas!!!! Love this!!!! I am a mother of an almost 2 year old! Motherhood is hard. So nice to hear other Mothers discussing it and supporting each other. Thank you ENews for another bomb show.

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