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Charlie Sheen Crazy Live Rant On Ustream “Torpedoes of Truth Part 2” Episode # 3
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49 comments on “Charlie Sheen Crazy Live Rant On Ustream “Torpedoes of Truth Part 2” Episode # 3

  1. Wow. He can't sit still even for a second. He is so cracked out. Keeps rocking and smoking… Can you imagine what he must smell like? He was so handsome 25 years ago. If you could turn him inside out his insides must be destroyed and hideous. He needs to move to a log cabin and go off the grid. His poor father must be so embarrassed.

  2. Why do ppl indulge celebrities … ignoring their disintegration and degradation … until their demise then everyone shakes their head and say how wonderful they were and how much help they should have gotten. Smmfh!!!

  3. Id much rather be rich in Christ. We’re all remembered, it’s the way we are remembered, The Mark we leave behind. I’m sorry to say, I could never sale my soul for riches. I love Charlie, he’s given us many many years of great entertainment however right now he’s sick and truly needs help. Money doesn’t matter because when we pass over from this world the only thing we’ll be taking with us is our soul. Our spirit.

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