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13 comments on “Destiny 2: Forsaken – Let’s Talk About The Annual Pass’ “Failure” // FutureFoe

  1. The issue I have is the power level. You will now have to grind the old content over and over and over again for the next 2 to 4 weeks depending on how many hours you have free. That is such a shit model. They should have introduced the quest for the thunderlord in the Black Armory and make the forge have two modes like normal mode (<600) and then hard mode (>610). At least we would have had new things to do and also a chance to get new gear. Oh well, all my clan members have just deserted Destiny 2… I think that i will join them….Pity i can't get a refund!!!

  2. you are wrong in two points, Activison introduced The Annual Pass, second neither Bungie or Activison listen to players. The first game in any series is a choice for the player, if you pick it up and its good, you then have an expectation for the next, you would hope that developers would look at criticism and react, and look at praise and build on it. The future for games is play what we give you not what you want.

  3. Can't complete my first forge because my light to low !!! 584 light is not enough I have be 615 minimum really? After paid other $80 now processed because locked on light issue really Bungos! !! Very disappointed

  4. This guy is a complete bungie shill trying to explain why people are upset. The reason is that for about 95 percent of the people who play Destiny they will not be able to complete these new forge for atleast a couple of weeks. That may not sound too bad but the problem is you need to complete and beat the first forge boss to get to play the rest of the pass and right now whoever has not done that has basically wasted there $35 until they can. On top of that to grind to reach a power level were you are able to actually do damage in the forge you are stuck with the same old content you have been grinding for months now already. If you watched the vidoc bungie put out before the pass launched there was a couple of their top developers saying how one was 550 light level the other was around 580 well it's going to be a few months until they will be able to play the new content, well at least they don't have to pay for it.

  5. But there's micro-transactions already in this AAA game thats already charged bank for the base game, 2 DLC and forsaken, all of which were ass besides forsaken? Rich icing? what ???? 45 minutes of content hardly playable at day of release how is that rich "icing" stop shilling wtf honestly listen to yourself lmfao, its literally all time gated bullshit

  6. The fact that Bungie didn't compensate people who spent $100 on the game when it came out and then asked for $80 more…its all a failure as far as I'm concerned. You can't steal people's money and then ask for more. Activision is pushing for more microtransactions so Bungie could make free dlc. But they wont because they need that satisfaction of taking people's money for low effort

  7. So, we're playing on a budget, and skiing the best that we can and we have three people playing on 2 consoles. And one person had bought everything, and on the console they're homed on, the other two players can't access the comment that they personally haven't downloaded. One person fully downloaded, one before the forsaken, and one vanilla. Up until this week, we've been playing everything no problem. What do you think it is to make this happen?

  8. Wew no one here yet.
    Heres my takes on why some people are unhappy. If you were to compare the game to other similar mmos style genres such as wow or ffxiv, I have had so much more content and well driven story to play (especially for ffxiv) on less dime. I think bungie or activision just needs to solidify how they want to release proper expansions.
    1) Get rid of eververse and let everything be unlockable by hard work.
    2) Implement a subscription model per month instead of asking for upfront 40 buck. People are more inclined to pay for sth in small consistent manageable amounts than a huge chunk in one go on sth they may or may not want to continue playing at some point.
    3) Space out expansions over longer periods and let events be free. The money from subscriptions will support the steady stream of events instead.
    4) Lastly to reinforce, don't change what has been proven to work well. WoW and ffxiv already laid the groundwork for a paid business mmo model. Why change it and experiment on such a big product thats meant to make u money and ur fanbase happy?

    The game and content is great. The constant changing and experimental business model not so much.

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