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Destiny & Trihex – SpeedRunner | Ninja Response on Losing Subs | MitchJones nearly gets a Ban

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18 comments on “Destiny & Trihex – SpeedRunner | Ninja Response on Losing Subs | MitchJones nearly gets a Ban

  1. Maybe people get tired of watching the same gamer play the same game for over a year.

    I actually stopped watching ForkKnife after a 2 months.

  2. Brought up drake. . . But honestly there's is free music why buy a album same as why sub when you can just watch the highlights or same as nickeh30 rn. He has submode cause he wants subs but still can watch his stuff for free…

  3. If people unsub cause they want to support a small streamer that struggles with good equipment, then thats a valid reason. Ninja be twisting it as usual, all about him, no other streamers are a part of the equation.

  4. Ninja is such a whiny bitch and is pretty stupid also.. I hope he loses even more subs this is the face of twitch.. kinda embarrassing imo..

  5. ninja is retarded right? millions arnt enough to set up his family.. holy fuck hope he loses all his money and thinks again. what a cock

  6. Ninja proves exactly why he deserves no money. He acts like he built something over years, fact is he was an average sized streamer until he played with Drake and had over 500,000 viewers and all the 12 year olds thought he was so good at fortnite when in fact he's average at best and worse than everyone who's actually a pro. Complete arrogant shit. 100% his house is a fucking huge mansion and he has super cars in the garage and claims "what do you think i'm spending it on" as if he's living some humble ass life; just look at his streaming room that cost more than his average viewer's cars (those who are 18+).

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