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Eating Keto at Jimmy John’s | Benefits of Coconut Oil | Keto Full Day of Eating

I was in a crazy mood today when I decided to vlog, I hope y’all don’t mind! haha Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

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50 comments on “Eating Keto at Jimmy John’s | Benefits of Coconut Oil | Keto Full Day of Eating

  1. Good morning. I am an early riser, it is now 3 am, just turned on your video, you are a happy girl.. 🙂 Anyway, I do hope you do include potassium in your diet. Its not only so good for you but will grately help with cravings and weight loss. I have a kale shake everyday without fail. Get out my blender, add kale, lemon zest fish oil, 1 tablespoon, a little vanilla extract, cut up beets, cinn., nutritional yeast for the b 1 vitamins, of course coconut oil. I fill my blender enough to cover the kale and I use distilled water. I was 130 lbs. now I am 99 lbs. and maintaining my weight since May of this year.

  2. When you buy coconut oil do you store it in the refrigerator? When I store mine in there it gets hard and it is hard to spoon out. Do you have any other suggestions how to store it?

  3. What a fun video to watch! I enjoyed your silliness😊
    I actually enjoy all of your videos..I feel like I kind of know you!
    Keep up the great work and videos. It's fun to go through the keto journey with you!

  4. U are the cutest thing evaaaaa 🙂 LOOOOve all your videos, but I sometimes forget to hit the like button….sorry bout that. I will try and do better, but that being said I really really love them all 😀

  5. I'm lucky I'm married to a food vaccuum….skinny butt man…LOL he can eat anything and I can't and he's old now too…I'm still chunky and years ago,  I had a gastric by- pass and only made it from hugemongus lymphedema butt back down to chunky butt ( but life's Purdy good people treat me better now I hardly get a notice but that's cause I'm so old lol there was more pressure to look like something when I was young ) so see,  I'd take that lil quest thingie and eat only 1/3 of the bready part and scooch all the cheese and meat over for me ( keto privilege lol ) and im cheap too so I'd take the rest of the bready thing and pawn that off on my hubby on a sketti plate…he eats anything he's not fussy about food at all…he has a big sketti plate a big salad and bread two glasses of milk and a big honkn dessert too and he don't run it off he's an office nerd and sits all day…he's not a hunky big conskruction guy or something…LOL he's just lucky I guess and im a bird eater and still stay chunkybutt.  I did work really hard late last year and lost 40 lbs but it gave me an old wobble gobble turkey neck is all LOL but I do feel better I really do…kiddo's lose it while ur young…maybe I should eat worms? I guess those are dried worms?? lol MS

  6. your personality is so hilarious. thanks for all the keto ideas I'm losing it here soooo wanted pizza this whole weekend but fought temptation. Didn't realize keto option existed! Also Jimmy Johns OMG!!! I've been feeling nauseated lately is that part of the keto?

  7. I love your videos, I love your energy! Sorry, I have a non keto related question…I like your jeans, what style/brand are they? I have a hard time finding dark wash jeans like yours.

  8. Hey Michele, love your vids. Not sure if you are interested but I'm a strict paleo eater and we have a group on FB called Paleo Diet Lifestyle. There are several people on there that share your condition and we all work together on recipes and support. Many of us are seeing great results in weight loss and health improvements. I was able to drop one of my meds. I promise this is not a scam just a believer.

  9. I hope what ever is your problems right now go away.Girl you don't have time to be lazy!!! your so busy.keep up the good work. Oh if you learn breeding for Alpaca's (not LLama) if ya need help just ask. hint is they do breed weird from other animals and they pee backwards.. yep they do. 🙂

  10. you are so pretty. I didn't know that about Jimmy Johns. thumbs up for them. it was so cute when you called Bo and trouble. because it looked like Bo thought he was in trouble. love the 4 legged babies. and the hens. that little hen is so cute. glad you had a crazy fun day.

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