FieldAgent •

FieldAgent flies your DJI drone and captures data to make beautiful agricultural crop health maps, count plants, find weeds and more. Compatible with most any modern DJI drone, FieldAgent manages all the details of flying so you can focus simply on the desired map.

FieldAgent shows your full orthomosaics, plant populations, weed locations, and precision NDVI crop-health products right on your device, complete with position information to make in-field scouting possible.

Mission estimates are provided at the beginning of each flight and updated as you change the mission. You can see most every aspect of your flight plan prior to takeoff, and adjust as needed. Without distance, waypoint, or acreage limits you can fly massive fields all at once. FieldAgent will bring the drone will return home when it needs a new battery, and send it back where it left off.

FieldAgent automates all camera activity, preparing your DJI camera to take the correct photos, and then commanding it to capture them in the right places.

FieldAgent is FREE on mobile devices. Learn more about stitching, weed maps, counting plants, and NDVI at

By Sentera LLC

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