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How Time Travel Could Be Possible With Wormholes | Through The Wormhole

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you may already know about wormholes: a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time. This passageway could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe… but how is one made?

On this episode of Through The Wormhole physicists explain the science behind black holes and wormholes to decide whether or not it would be possible to time travel.

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41 comments on “How Time Travel Could Be Possible With Wormholes | Through The Wormhole

  1. space time ka concept isliye galat samajh me aa raha hai. kyonki chadar rupi space time time me sari boll neeche ki ore hi kyon ghus rahi hai. kya neechen bhi koi aisi body hai jo gravitational force generate kar rahi hai ya. time space ko vikrit klar rahi hai. isse aage ka kya socha hai.
    please answer

  2. Would you have to stretch out the other side of the wormhole as well, or just one side until they make it to the other side? How would you know that they reached the other side. Such a fascinating concept. Thank you!

  3. that means everything inside a black-hole is travelling through time, because black holes are theoretically densest of objects and anything inside a black-hole would be equally dense. SO suppose a bottle-cap inside a black-hole will be tiny enough as a wormhole and will be able to enter it. Or maybe just maybe we can use quantum tunneling to enter a wormhole and go to the other side?! I understand this,but how or why do scientists believe that wormholes can lead us through different time zones. I Mean going in past is paradoxical isn't it ?

  4. Negative mass? I mean the video's title made me think it was gonna explain the issue with time traveling through wormholes and the tachyonic antitelephone, not just explain wormholes briefly and how to maintain them

  5. I'm not a physicist, astronomer, or cosmologist but here's what I believe:

    Worm holes and faster than light travel can lead, at least in principle, to time travel. However, there are serious limitations:

    1. It is unlikely that wormholes can be drawn out of the vacuum, configured, and readily manipulated given current technology. Even if they could, you would have no control over where that wormhole takes you to. What's the point of time travel if you get dumped out in the middle of nowhere? And worse, you can't get back.

    2. Faster than light is not possible given our current understanding of the laws of physics. Thus, light speed, and certainly faster than light speed, is for the time being, completely out of the question.

    3. New physics? If time travel is ever going to be a reality, the concept will be centered around some form of new and exotic physics. Past, present, and future ae already out there. We just have to figure out what kind of physics and technology will allow us to make contract with them.

  6. I honestly believe that space time is a illusion of consciousness created via our human senses.. If we could travel to the edge of the expansive universe and somehow blink back and take the space / time with it you could theoredically travel to expanse. Blink back watch a rerun of your own creation in your own parallel universe. We are traveling through space time at the speed of thought balanced by distance we can remember or recall. Thus time is not the same for everything, if you were to ask a tree or a fruit fly or to somehow monitor the activity to its senses you could see how everything experiences time differently.

  7. Black Holes what gets me is no one ever says they are the engines that drive our galaxy and all the other galaxy's
    as well, with every rotation we fall toward the black hole as does everything else every 250 million years one rotation
    less than an inch closer kinda cool it like a drain everything is headed for the black hole. The cosmic rays jetting out either
    pole, question is does this push our galaxy through space or keep it from spinning. A galaxy spinning end over end tumbling
    would not be a happy one. This is likely or is it both and since no one has seen that. A black hole holds us stable it drives
    us it is the heart of the milky way. Not a doom and gloom it is an engine. Keep fingers out of. LOL

  8. Who said wormholes exist? You mean their are worms in. Space? Blackholes are left berween places the galaxy it resides in at its centre of mass – and the explosion that occured creating that galaxy.

    Its own as the big gun in Quanta Physics. The same as the gravity that passes throigh all of us maintaining are motion of the planet. More or less

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