How to Uninstall Strong Vault Completely? Remove Strong Vault Online Backup Manually

Strong Vault is an application that is downloaded as a free addition in several internet download packages.  The product appears to do what it is supposed to do but collects information from all sorts of activities.  This information apparently doesn’t go anywhere maliciously but it is not HIPAA compliant as a retention of PHI protected health information.  It also keeps any other program from changing you home page or preferred  search provider from SEARCHQU which tracks your searches and records the data without distributung it.  No real problem until you try to delete it. 
Strong Vault (Strong Vault Online Backup) is a software which has made lots of computer upset somehow. Being known as online backup software, it can be lurked into PC while you are downloading other unrelated resources. Usually, it appears as strongvault.exe. Then Strong Vault will execute its files and install an app which is called Strong Vault Online Backup in your computer. Though there hasn’t a clear demarcation line between Strong Vault and virus, but this program has become a headache for many computer users.

For example, many users think that it is no need to keep this software, but when they want to remove Strong Vault from their computer, it seems that Strong Vault has glued in their PC deeply and it will still exist in the machine no matter how hard computer users try to uninstall. There also have some awkward situations in PC, like many computer users complain that their computers are running quite slow, and when they try to uninstall Strong Vault with security tools, many errors would pop up. If you need to get rid of this program, you can consider the effective manually removal to completely uninstall Strong Vault. If you meet any trouble, please feel free to contact:
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