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Inside the world-famous FAIRMONT BANFF SPRINGS HOTEL (Canada): impressions & review

Read my review of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (with pros & cons) here:

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22 comments on “Inside the world-famous FAIRMONT BANFF SPRINGS HOTEL (Canada): impressions & review

  1. Arguably, the most majestic unit of architecture in North America. It succeeds in several conceptual perspectives: historical, aesthetic, geographical, cultural, technological and maybe more. It's huge and I would hate to have to worry about the plumbing, electrical, ventilation, sanitation, pest control, environmental and mopping the floors. Human beings are so sticky and dirty. We're almost not good enough for that building.

  2. Banff is beyond awesome, but this place… not so much. I suggest saving your money and staying in town. It's not like it's a long drive to anywhere in Banff, plus the restaurants are better and cheaper and you don't have that posh, arrogant, stuck-up attitude to deal with.

  3. 1.18 Cette architecture est assez belle. Pas facile de faire quelque chose de joli dans le gigantisme.
    2.37 J'aime ces murs en pierre à l'intérieur. Ca fait naturel, ça change des autres grands hotels que j'ai vus
    8.53 On sait les efforts qui sont faits au Canada pour utiliser les ingrédients les plus sains possibles.
    13.03 Sympa les 2 piscine. Celle intérieure est vraiment faite pour nager. Le mot "sain" revient encore.

    C'est un endroit très accueillant. Ca parait sain, authentique. Pas de luxe excessif. On doit s'y sentir bien.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with us, because I will never be able to visit it. But I'm wishing everyone a joyful time whoever is able to visit this wonderful place and country and my hope is that you are aware of this special luck in your life.🍀

  5. So this is how the rich vacation. Glad to experience it through this video. I can't even afford just one night's stay here. Rates go from 900+ PER night!!!

  6. I always get this hotel confused with the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise…if visiting both Banff and Lake Louise, would you recommend picking one as a base and day tripping to the other (since they're close) or just stay at both properties?

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