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Is there a limit to technological progress? – Clément Vidal

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Many generations have felt they’ve reached the pinnacle of technological advancement. Yet, if you look back 100 years, the technologies we take for granted today would seem like impossible magic. So — will there be a point where we reach an actual limit of technological progress? And if so, are we anywhere near that limit now? Clément Vidal consults Kardashev’s scale to find out.

Lesson by Clément Vidal, animation by CUB animation.


23 comments on “Is there a limit to technological progress? – Clément Vidal

  1. I don’t see how able to tap into sun energy is anywhere related to technological advance in internet, drones, ai, crypto currency etc. clearly tap into the sun does not mean you don’t need to do anything and will get technological advancement in these matters which all need their own research.

  2. Need more energy of the Spirit… "Progress and barbarism go hand in hand, unless material civilization be confirmed by Divine Guidance, by the revelations of the All-Merciful and by godly virtues, and be reinforced by spiritual conduct,.." – Baha'i Faith

  3. well the limit is our brainpower and lifespan and we are actually stretched pretty thin in that regard. Very few scientists are regarded as polymaths and it takes prospective scientists far longer to learn all there is to know.

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