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Live From E! – Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscars and More | E! News

Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host, Grammy nominations are here with major surprises, and Jennifer Aniston says the girls are open to a Friends reboot. Get all that and more from the Live from E! team

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Live From E! – Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscars and More | E! News

26 comments on “Live From E! – Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscars and More | E! News

  1. If your a comedian you should never apologize. If comedians apologize for everything then that will be the end of comedy. These people are like piranhas during a feast frenzy. Never apologize..

  2. Girrrrllll.. He already apologized in the past!! Really. How many times should he? He said the energy that it took to pull up the tweets is the same energy to pull up the apologies!!! Get it together!! I wld have step down too.

  3. Why didn’t Kevin Hart, just repost his previous apology (ies) then basically make the same comments. I do believe when you make jokes like that, a single apology is not sufficient. I agree with Melanie I think the OSCARS were going to let him go. Too controversial for the show at this point

  4. No one is going to take your blac movement seriously when the first attempt your community has at being as tolerant as it wants everyone else to be of them; it wants an excuse and free pass to be bigoted and intolerant. Just because you ignore the hypocrisy in that doesent mean everyone else cant see it clearly😐.

  5. He's apologized I think it should be good enough
    We have people that commit murder and get out with in 2years & We have people that beat their children and get custody of them back ALL THAT SHOULD BE FORGIVEN BUT NOT A JOKE we shouldn't have to live in the past for the rest of are life's people can change AND should not have to continuously apologize for a mistakes 8years ago

  6. I completely disagree about Kevin Hart’s ‘ego’. I’m not crazy about Kevin Hart and I love The LGBT community but he apologized!!! How many times does someone have to say sorry. At some point, we need to forgive. ‘An eye for an eye leaves the world blind’.


  8. I think the idea of apologizing for this over and over and over is annoying. Also it's very hypocritical of the academy to make him apologize when they gave a child rapist an award while knowing he was a child rapist. He still has an academy award. They frequently praised a sexual predictor. I want an apology for that. They have absolutely no right to have any moral high ground what so ever.

  9. Zuri should experiment with haircuts…a 20s flapper cute short cut would look great on her. What she has on is old lady-like. My grandmother's haircut.

  10. We'll have a gay ole time. Dawn our gay apparel………. God you guys…. CONTEXT!!!! Do you people not know gay also means happy joyous, joyful?!?. I'll say it again. CONTEXT!!!!!!!! Of course I'm referring to deck the halls and the flintstones

  11. Those tweets were 8 years ago people change everyone in their lives has said something offensive in there life no ones perfect he apologized in the past multiple times he should not have to keep doing it now we're just living in a mob mentality on social media and he so funny like if he was there as a host the viewers rating would be up so high especially from minorities. People who don't normally tune in would even I was gonna watch not anymore.

  12. I don’t know if these comments are read after the fact.. but @Melanie, I also have a sore spot for cheaters (esp on your pregnant wife 🤦🏻‍♀️)…. but I watch you guys show often, and I believe I have heard you talk about your friends stepping out on one another or not being faithful and it helping the marriage .. or something along those lines .. I love you, and no shade , just an observation ♥️

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