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Nude Photography on Naturism Beaches Algarve Portugal

Professional Nude Photography at the beaches of Algarve Portugal, stay at Naturism optional resort and discover these beaches. This video made with drone and camera in high quality, is best seen on a smart TV. Subscribe and enjoy more the coming years thank you!


15 comments on “Nude Photography on Naturism Beaches Algarve Portugal

  1. "naturist beaches" should be a pleonasm. From the origins of humanity until quite recently (the swimsuit has been invented in the 19th century), people all over the world used to swim naked, only naked. For swimming or sunbathing, relaxing, walking in the nature etc., what’s the utility of a swimsuit ? It’s unpleasant, and nudity is nice.

  2. She is phenomenal. 🌶
    Great pictures 💋
    There’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman except a beautiful woman in a beautiful place. If you get to see her most beautiful parts uncovered then it’s so much better still.

  3. Who is the guitar player in this video? The girl looks good but that guitar style is the best, classical in nature it is done on a 3/4 size acoustic guitar with nylon strings and decades of work and relentless practice!

  4. Very beautiful. This young lady is very captivating. Her eyes and hair also complement her loveliness. when she smiles , it is like the morning sun coming out. you all have done well. I wish I could do some photography with her.

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