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Plex 101 – What is Plex? Plex Media Server Explained in Plain English – NAS and PC

Sign up for a free Plex account – (affilate link) – Following my review of the Seagate Personal Cloud and its new Plex Media Server app, a lot of folks wrote in asking what Plex was all about! Subscribe for more!

In this video I explain what Plex Media Server is, show how it works, and talk about some of the things you should think about doing to get the most out of it. I also explain how you can connect a computer running the Plex Server to a Network Attached Storage device or NAS like the WD My Cloud, Seagate Personal Cloud, Synology, and others.

Plex allows you to watch your media files anywhere – both in the home and over the Internet. The server software is smart enough to know what the target device is and will convert media on the fly to work with just about anything. Plex apps run on just about every mobile and computing platform out there.

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43 comments on “Plex 101 – What is Plex? Plex Media Server Explained in Plain English – NAS and PC

  1. Thanks for this video. It helped a lot. I would understand better if there were several hardware diagrams of alternative setups. For example, can a fast computer with lots of storage act as both the media storage device and the Plex server? Also, you showed examples of videos, but what about audio playlists? Does Plex client software let you view and search for media files? Can it create and play playlists? It would be nice to see the audio features of the Plex system demonstrated.

  2. I been using plex for 2 years and yesterday my plex account got removed, so i contact support and they told me they can not tell me that type of information when i asked why i got removed, so i created a new account and not even 1 day i got removed again, what is funny the new account had only myself on it sharing the plex server and on facebook i still get no help, in the terms it says you can share it with the whole family but also plex can remove your account at any time for any reason. I was just sharing my desktop that had plex with family members and plex still today will not give me a answer…….. I switch to emby and it does work better with playback then plex i would give emby a try forget about plex

  3. Hi Lon I enjoyed your explanation of Plex but I have a couple of questions. If Plex adds meta data that is not correct for the file I have is there a way to over ride the Plex or at least delete the data Plex added?
    If you put Plex on your computer rather than you NAS doesn't that mean you need your computer running whenever you want to access media from other devices?
    If I am not happy with the Plex after installing it can it be easily deleted without affecting the archived files it was using while installed. In other words is Plex non destructive in its setup and use of stored files?
    Thanks for your help

  4. Is there anyone here who can help me with some Plex / Playstation 3 issues?
    I used to be able to succesfully stream my media with Plex to my Ps3/TV but recently all I've been getting is the error "Conversion failed. Transcoder crashed and failed to start up again." and when I look at my CPU, it's sky high when I select the Transcoder.exe. So something goes wrong when transcoding files. I've checked the support forums but can't get a solid solution… let alone a solid reply to my own topic there. What might be causing this? It works fine when I use Plex to stream to my tablet when I use VLC to watch my content on there, but whenever I want to watch it on TV, straight from my PS3 I get this error. Same goes when I use Plex in the Google Chrome browser and it's annoying the hell out of me.

  5. Excellent video as always Lon. My only question is once you're going with a PC as your server, why also use a NAS? Why not just use an external HDD connected directly to the PC? In fact, won't the two conflict with each other since they're both doing the transcoding?

  6. I have seen a lot of videos on Plex, but this is the only, only video I kind of understand!! Thank you! Now, I would just like to play my photos, photos on SD cards and homemade DVDs on this device? Also, I'd like to watch and record live TV? Can I use this device for the things I have listed? Please help? Thank you!

  7. Hey Lon, I apologize if you already answered this in a comment, I tried to look around, but coudn't find an answer. What is the software that you prefer for ripping DVDs and Blu-Ray movies to your external storage to then use Plex to manage? Thanks!

  8. Can I just add a few WD Reds in a raid configuration to my gaming pc to make a plex server? As long as that pc is hooked up to my network and is on, I could stream from it through plex right?

  9. This is just another means to realign the pockets and obtaine residual income off the ignorance and miss educated masses. there will always be individuals looking to get paid….. the entire construct is that of kodi. but they have found a way to monetize it and make it lucrative. there will be added expenses down the road for the consumer to purchase. there's absolutely no need for a second hand contraction when we can deal with and support the original I.e. kodi. # FREE

    Is kodi perfect absolutely not! kodi is revolutionary in many aspects. platforms and institutions like plex are dinosaurs with a one track mind Of $$$$

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