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SEO for Images: How to Use Alt Text, Image Title, and File Name

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With a few simple tweaks, you can improve SEO for images dramatically. SEO optimization for images is not always straightforward and intuitive, but once you learn the basics, it is easy to implement.

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1:26 – SEO for Images Tip#1: Avoid Keyword Stuffing
2:16 – The Most Important Element of SEO for Images: Your Image File Name
3:15 – How to Use Image Title Text
4:26 – How to Use Alt Text


23 comments on “SEO for Images: How to Use Alt Text, Image Title, and File Name

  1. I have a very hard time with the ALT TAG. I'm using powerpoint and I save PDF. After that when I open the picture in another browser or email, the picture doesn't have the alt tag. Can you help, please? thank you

  2. ok what if we have more than one image for a page, for example i have a real estate site and i have more than 10 images for one property so can i put same keyword for all images, will it be keyword stuffing, for example i have a house for sale in city x, so i have 10 images for that city x house, so can i use the keyword house for sale in city x for all 10 images,

  3. What do I do if I have several hundred similar images. Optimizing images that are all unique is simple. How would you optimize 12 frames of a guy doing a back flip on a bicycle and not keyword stuff. Does google penalize for images with the same names or alt text on different posts?

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