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43 comments on “SMTP/VPS How To Send 20,000 emails a day With Bulk Emailer

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  2. Hello there. The video looks great. Simple and easy. But I'd like to know some things. Firstly, you have chosen 100k emails per day through a domain from Godaddy, is this possible with Godaddy? I heard they will ban if we exceed their specified amount. Secondly, What is the inboxing strategy? I dont want my emails ending up in spam folders of my clients.

    Your favorable reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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  5. Good morning, I am using the Bulk mailer and have sent several thousands to 3 different campaigns, but not one optin?!! I have set everything up correctly and when the emails are sent out, it says that they have received the email successfully. Am I doing something wrong. I usually get a 40 to 50% optin rate when I use other forms of advertising. A response would be great….thanks

  6. My websites are hosted on Host Gator. I have multiple email addresses and big email list. I want to know that in case someone reported a SPAM, what will happen? Will I get a hit on my email address only or there is a risk on my Host Gator web hosting also?

    Where should I buy this bulk email sender?

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  9. Thanks for these informations! – I wanted to ask you if the SMTP/VPS setup process, that you've shown in this video, is applicable to any other "email blaster" program (Sendblaster, Atomic Mail Sender, ect) ?
    -In order to make these desktop email-senders work is sufficient to attach an SMTP address to them? Or is there something else I have to be aware of?

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  12. How can you send over 100k emails that appear to be coming from my outlook so that they can reply back to it and reach me? I also want them to be personalized with a mail merge field so that their first names show up on the emails?

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