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The Best American Erotica, Volume 14: Dangerous Games

Featuring erotic stories by Octavia Butler, Daniel Duane, Dennis Cooper, and Sera Gamble, and Kathryn Harrison.

Kathryn Harrison explores the story of a psychiatrist whose sexual affairs with a young client have an unexpected consequence; Dennis Cooper trails an extraordinary hustler working his older johns; and Jessica Cutler gives lessons on how a young woman can take down all the politicians in Washington with just the crook of her pretty little finger.

Included in this collection:
“On the Eighth Day” by Vanessa Baggott “Dangerous Games with Competent People” by Kim Wright Excerpt from Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler “Entry Point” by Shanna Germain Excerpt from A Mouth Like Yours by Daniel Duane “Blackberries” by Nalo Hopkinson Excerpt from The Sluts by Dennis Cooper “Blue Star” by Sera Gamble “If You Love Something, Set It Free” by P. S. Haven Excerpt from The Washingtonienne by Jessica Cutler “Comeback” by Nicholas Kaufman Excerpt from Towelhead by Alicia Erian “The Rock Wall” by Peggy Munson “Best Friendster Date Ever” by Alexander Chee Excerpt from Envy by Kathryn Harrison “What Happened to That Girl” by Marie Lyn Bernard “Heads-Up Poker” by Susan DiPlacido “Taste” by Susan St. Aubin “The Razor” by Tsaurah Litzky “The Sex Box” by Nikki Sinclair “The Pancake Circus” by Trebor Healey “Dream Machine” by Lauraleigh Farrell “Wish Girls” by Matthew Addison
Previously published as Best American Erotica 2007.

By Susie Bright

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