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What Router Settings Should You Change?

What settings in your cryptic router options menu are worth a second look?

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26 comments on “What Router Settings Should You Change?

  1. Excellent explanation wrapped up in a short video. I would say, as a "rule of thumb", for the 2.4 ghz frequency, to use either channel 1, 6, or 11. This way, irregardless of using a frequency app, you eliminate that "channel overlap", should any exist (from the neighbour's router). 🙂 Thank you!

  2. A very interesting topic but right now there is a very urgent matter requiring immediate response.

    The U.S. House of Representatives still needs pressure to override Ajit Pai and the FCC’s decision to end Net Neutrality. I have already seen throttling on some free ad based streaming services that do not have a sweetheart deal with. Have you noticed anything with your ISP? And right now they are actually trying to behave because The House still has the ability to join the Senate and reverse the FCC’s horrible media conglomerates favoring decision. But the time is running out. Please call AND email your U.S Representative offices and encourage them to follow Massachusett’s US Senator Ed Markey’s lead to retain public utility status of ISPs. The backbone of the internet was built by US taxpayers. We own it. It was originally created as the ARPANET, a multi nodal communications method by the DOD during the Cold War era to allow communications between DOD facilities in the event of nuclear attack. Don’t allow it to be owned by big conglomerates such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast! Please don’t set us up for future censorship of free thought. Please don’t set up small businesses and startups for failure because they don’t have the capital to buy a sweetheart deal with ISP’s. Let’s not destroy the greatest free speech and communications medium ever created by humankind. Please stop internet throttling and the probable use of future censorship of information regarding the dissemination of information contrary to the interest of ISPs’ current broadband monopolies in most regions.

    The only status of the internet that should be changed is regarding about data privacy in these days of bad and irresponsible actors such as hackers trying to steal information for nefarious purposes. Also, and perhaps the most important factor, the dissemination of false information by State (Russian) sanctioned bots trying to sow discord in both the US election process and internal political discourse. Also, the practice of collecting information about personal internet usage by employing advertising analytics to target, commoditize and distribute that powerful information to build personality profiles for behavior prediction must end.

    Please know that I’m not suggesting that we should use privacy to misuse copyrighted content or use the internet for ANY nefarious or illegal purpose. I am just saying protect us for our own safety and our data privacy. I advocate being a good and responsible internet citizen and utilizing First Amendment RIGHTS while protecting the The Internet from future censorship that realistically will happen with conglomerate ISP ownership. Net Neutrality is still within reach for a very short time and the clock is ticking very fast. Please follow the Senate’s lead and be vocal in support of #NetNeutrality.

    Please contact Nancy Pelosi, as a Representative of San Francisco, the leader in building out the web in the 1990’s and beyond, she really needs to get in front of this issue in full support. Please contact US House Representative Seth Moulton as there are many tech companies and startups within the area of his district. Please let’s maintain Obama era status of the internet as a utility that ISP’s provide as content distributors and not content creators. Please add your name to the petitions on behalf of maintaining #NetNeutrality . Please find out the deadline that is set for the House to pass this legislation and act accordingly. Thank you for your potential action on this extremely vital issue.

  3. Well I know for sure wps push works, I couldn't even connect my new mi phone 2 to the router with a normal wpa2 password connection ,almost had to wait a few days to go to my grandparents to be able to update, but it's hueghs net and about 0.3mb-3mb/sec although it's still sending data overcharges .

  4. Do you have advice on internet sharing, 5 people sharing internet, kids on tablet watching youtube, daughter doing homework research or online classes, and wifes netflix buffering constantly.

  5. I'd love your input on this. In the interests of full disclosure, I've been battling this for the last 12 months with seemingly no resolution in sight. Here's the background…..I have an iMac computer (6TB HDD), TP-Link Archer AC2800 Wireless Router and Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N Network Audio Player and LINN Ninka Floorstanding loudspeakers – all key components in my home audio system. As a confirmed audiophile, I have an extensive digital library of Hi-Res Audio formats ( 24 bit/88.2kHz files from SACD as well as 48/96/192kHz digital download files). Here's the conundrum…When the music plays, it's absolutely sublime – the best sound reproduction I've ever heard, especially with labels such as Analogue Productions, Mo-Fi, RCA Living Stereo SACDs etc, however for some inexplicable reason, the player just stops at random (could be 5 mins in to a song/session, could be 2 hours..or anything in between). When this happens, a red symbol appears at the bottom right of the colour screen on the Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N. At this point, the only solution is to power off the player, then back on again after a few mins. Rinse, Repeat. As you can imagine, I've been diligently trying to isolate the issue, first sending the unit to Cambridge Audio, the manufacturer, for extensive testing. They have told me the unit is in perfect working order. This clearly points to a network issue. I have examined the settings on my Router, for instance assigning static an IP address to my player, however this doesn't help. Bearing in mind that I also have a PS4 Pro, a Synology DS918+ NAS and a 55inch Smart Samsung TV on the same network, all of which work flawlessly, I am at a total loss. (Do note that I have tried using my NAS as the music server running PLEX, unfortunately with the same results). I am currently using my iMac as the music server, my preferred audio server option (running JRiver Media Center 24 on said iMac since it plays nice with iTunes, the home of my gargantuan music collection and curated playlists). Furthermore, my iMac is connected to the network via ethernet Cat 8 cable. The same applies to my Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N and Synology NAS. The TV and PS4 are wirelessly connected to the network. I'm inclined to think the issue lies with a router setting, but as you allude to in your video, navigating the plehora of different settings can be somewhat baffling. Also, you mention Interference – this sounds like a possible culprit. Have you any suggestions as to how I might mitigate against this? Meantime, thanks for your great tech videos!!!

  6. I need help im in the marine corps living in the barracks paying for a shitty ads Wi-Fi called boingo such has like the whole building connected 2 the same internet and is just slow as to I have tried changing and but nothing……

  7. I do not like the idea of using wireless because of the security issues and my low(10 down 1 up)internet speed. I cannot stand it being any slower. My ISP said I have to use my wireless router,something to do with my non-wireless router using too many IP addresses. Today I noticed the wireless light lit up so someone was connected without my permission. Instead of learning all the settings and such which are seldom needed I took the case apart and cut the wires going to the twin antennas. I saw no easier way to disconnect or remove them and the tiny bit of wire I left on the board plainly marks where to resolder if I ever want to. My internet is back to it's normal speed and the wireless icon is not lit. It's only been about an hour now but it seems to have done the job. I suppose it may still put out a signal but with luck it is greatly reduced in range and the thief would have to come in and sit in my lap to recieve it,,,then I have the worthless POS right where I can strangle the life out of them! LOL,anyway,so far so good,low tech solution is working.

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