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Why Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches are Bullshit!

Sources: Wearables have a dirty little secret: 50% of users lose interest:

Doctors Don’t Know What To Do With Data From Fitness Trackers:

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42 comments on “Why Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches are Bullshit!

  1. Apart from the fact that you totally ignored situations like driving, cycling and even walking just normal walking when you exercising and you don't want to be disturbed. But Hey it could be an important call/MSG/Notifications And how many times are we going to reach into our pockets or bags for our phone. You really have to be a social outcast to not get a lot of messages everyday. the rest of your argument applies to every Fitness equipment like a Stationary cycle, Home gyms, Treadmill (not talking about those scam products) cause most people don't end up using them and it lies rusting means they don't have any value for your fitness.
    And ofcourse these equipment are not equal to a full fledged Gym or running or cycling in the open.
    I might not get it cause I will not use it the way its supposed(and I stay away from wireless stuff. I still have wired everything except for my Broadband shared through a wifi adapto which is only one when I want it, ACTUALLY I thought you would address this over exposure to EMF even while asleep as one of the cons to owning this) to Just like the stationary cycle my home gym and the ab wheel etc lying under my bed. That does not mean these products are worthless.
    And right now I got a notification I keep getting them cause I shop a lot online who does not. I just let it go if I had a smart watch I would have looked and it and I would be in peace that its not an important message Many times I have missed important message cause I am too lazy rather you don't feel like reaching for your phone 30 times in one minute.

    I stumbled here cause i am actually going to buy one of these smart watches/fitness trackers as a gift for a friends birthday.
    She was telling me that she missing the good old watch and wants to start wearing one. So I decided to take it up a notch and gift her a smartwatch.
    She is going to be wearing a watch anyways and by your logic Analog watches are bullshit too cause it takes only 3 seconds to reach for our phone and look at the time. So I thought its better if she has this> She does not drink water she is dehydrated and I am actually looking for one that supports an app that will remind her to drink water (that is sips every 5 minutes since she is not used to drinking water for like ever if she drinks too much it just flushes out and she is running to pee so to avoid that one has to drink small sips at regular intervals) and also she needs to take supplements which she keeps forgetting as she has a hectic job.
    So this would really help.
    There are many people like her and even me I forget to take my supplements all the time even though I am a supplement junkie.
    This would have helped me too but I don't want to be exposed to this constant radiation.

    So Its really useful. I don't know if any fitness trackers have this but I think they should be able to monitor and detect if the person if having a heart attack and send an alarm to others. that stuff could make these tracker life saying

  2. The practical use of fitness tracker from consumer's viewpoint is simple: encourage a person to move around more and to seep more. That's it. It is in no way a health care accessory, not by any stretch of imagination. But it is still a useful tool for some people to improve certain lifestyle parameters. But how well they work largely depends on a user's mentality.

  3. I got a 25 dollar Chinese smartwatch knock off simply because I wanted a new watch (old one broke) & this one allows me to read my text (basically to see weather or not it's an important text) without unlocking my phone each time. Everyone thinks I payed out the ass for it. It's so hilarious how these glorified calculator watches are the new status symbol.I literally get looks from hot chicks just because I have this thing. It was cheaper than my old regular watch lmao.

  4. Smartwatches CAN provide genuinely beneficial features – but it depends on the person. For many (most, even) people they would be useless, but if you're are someone who misses a lot of texts or calls, can't have a phone handy or is generally disorganized they can be a lifesaver. I got one after we had a baby, it was good not having to worry about where my phone was at home or going out with so much other stuff to worry about. But that being said, there's no need for an expensive one, you can get the same functionality from a basic pebble or a no-name smartwatch.

  5. My G watch is invaluable to me. Thanks to a medical condition I cannot afford to miss my medication. I need to wake up in time and I use my watch to calculate when I need to take my meds, and I get notified by it. Why not use a normal watch? I get too much of a shock from suddenly hearing loud beeping. My smartwatch uses vibrations, which don't startle me as much.

  6. I do like the Pebble. It's pretty much a digital watch that you don't need to change the battery for and it shows notifications from your phone. That's it. No muss, no fuss.

    I had a Moto 360 for about 3 days and got rid of the thing. I don't know what I was thinking.

  7. I've tried several smart watches because I'm a geek. I realized they are fun fashion items if the price is reasonable. Notifications on your wrist is useful sometimes. Changing watch faces is fun. I would not pay $200 for one though. Fitness trackers are useless.

  8. I have a Microsoft Band 2 paired with my HTC One M8 Windows phone and I use the smartwatch functions all the time. I like getting my txt messages, email notifications, phone calls and the other notifications it gives me. I could care less about the fitness tracking and don't use those functions. I'm an IT guy the Band 2 is important to me as it gives me quick access to my phone without having to pull it out and look at it all the time, just a quick glance at my wrist lets me know if I need to pull it out of my pocket.

  9. I would generally agree with you that smartwatches/fitness trackers are generally bs, but there are people who do genuinely benefit from them. For example, an Apple Watch's heart rate monitor saved a teen's life and there is a case of a deaf-blind woman being helped by Apple Watch's haptics.

  10. About 10 minutes ago my Apple Watch buzzed with a social media notification. My phone is in the other room and I haven't bothered to look at it cause I know it's not important. If I didn't have my Apple Watch and heard my phone go off in the other room I would likely have gone to check it wasn't important, then possibly been distracted for 30mins checking a few other things while at it…

  11. I own an Asus ZenWatch, and I find it is very nice to own. Im normally not a watch, bracelet, or any kind of bedazzlement kind of person, but I find that this changes things. You could almost never get bored with this device as you could change out the layout to get a new fresh feeling to it. I am usually not a very phone-centric kind of guy so the watch alleviates having to take out my phone for every notification my phone shoots out at me, which saves a bunch of time, since I do like my privacy so my phone is always password protected. This watch saves me at least 20 mins every day of pulling out my phone, saves me getting written up at work for pulling out my phone, and also turns alot of heads as well.

  12. I agree with you, like yeah, they are nice and I can possibly spend about 5 seconds to admire them when I see somebody with one of these wearable devices, but honestly, unless they are going to cost less than a tenner, I don't really feel like I would ever waste my money on something that I can't figure out what use I could do with them.
    Like last time I had a watch, was a transformer one, back in the 80s, and I had it because it was quite cool, a tiny robot watch, but since then I didn't own a watch and I don't think I'm going to start now for sure

  13. I'm seeing myself agreeing with all your videos, to the point where I now think we're the same person but in different universe timelines.

    Proof: I've never seen us in the same place.
    Case closed.

  14. For once I have to disagree with you :

    I purchased a microsoft band 2 and use it constantly throughout the day. I repair electronics for a living and constantly use feature's such as replying to text message's, controlling my music and other functions without leaving my station or setting down screws to grab my phone(which is important!).

    It's also helped me track my sleep and adjust accordingly to ensure I feel refreshed when awakened…and the smart alarm feature is killer!

  15. I own the AppleWatch (sports edition) not because of the fitness expect, but because I've always been a watch wearer. I like the style of the black sport watch and it was cheaper than my last regular watch that charged via solar energy. So for me: I own an iPhone so it makes it easier to read my texts or notifications on Twitter, AND it's cheaper than what I've owned before. Beyond that, I don't really care. I won't be buying a new smart watch every year. It was just time for me to update my older watch.

  16. I know a lot of people that purchased one and then stop after a few months. I purchased the fuel band and then the first up. Moved to Fitbit then back to the up. I pretty much always have my own. But I was very active before. I know the numbers aren't accurate but I like seeing them and I have a high goal. So I have made it where it actually makes me push myself further since the goals are so high.

  17. I like the idea of a Smartwatch since I`m a watch wearer and simply because it guarantees to almost never be lost like a mobile. Fitness trackers i`ve never bothered with because, a, I`m pretty aware of the state of my body to know when I`m relatively fit or not. b, I don`t need the extra concern. C, My body does it all for me. Hmm. I guess that`s a as well.

  18. I've had a Pebble for about a year now and it rarely leaves my wrist. Tend to leave my phone plugged in and use my watch to see my texts and screen my calls, very useful in my opinion.

  19. You know I like a watch that looks nice, has moving parts I can see and doesn't have to be recharged daily.. That said I would love to have a watch that I can talk into or video chat through, but only if its a stand alone item and doesn't require a phone in proximity to work. Thus IMHO a Apple watch would likely serve to amuse me for about a day (if that long) then I would quickly get bored of it and just end up the next few weeks talking about how awesome it is to all my friends, but in reality I would only be trying to justify my purchase to myself.. Cheers, Joe

  20. I feel like smart watches can be beneficial.How about the people who are sometimes forgetful and leave their phone at home? Or ones who (bare with me here)don't want to look like THOSE PEOPLE glued to their phones at a restaurant while they're waiting? I agree that the fitbit is completely useless and while a smart watch is literally a smart phone on your wrist,it could come handy in most situations

  21. i don't think they are beneficial for the average consumer. all tho there are special cases that they are actually necessary. for example if a doctor tell you that you must eat X amount of calories and lose X amount of calories everyday. then this can be useful. also i know nobody that has davits there are apps in this watches that help you detect how is your blood sugar doing. and it works well. so in some cases is worth it.

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