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4G and LTE: Explained!

What is 4G, exactly? LTE? HSPA+? This is 4G, Explained! Thumbs up!

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21 comments on “4G and LTE: Explained!

  1. 4G AND LTE

    4G stands for generation of technology

    They are generational so 3G phone can never work on a 4G network.

    4G starts 5 MB per second

    4G has more Capacity: Less Bandwidth Caps

    4G: Higher Data Plans


    there are Modern 3G systems that are faster than the lower 4G Models.

    HPC = High Speed Packet Access

    LTE = Long Term Evolution

  2. Intermittently my phone can not make or recieve calls on voltE. When I have my carrier turn it off I'm able to make calls. They turn it on again I can't make calls. They told me to bring it in for repair. Is it carrier or my phone? It's network set I can't turn it off or on from my Samsung 9 . Anyone got ideas?

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