Advocate Applauds Tinubu for P&ID Win, Calls for Patriotism Amongst the People

In a historic legal victory, Connected Development's CEO, Hamzat Lawal, lauds President Bola Tinubu for his unwavering commitment to Nigeria's financial interests. This achievement follows the dismissal of an $11.5 billion USD award and accumulated interest previously granted to P&ID in a London court. Lawal emphasizes the significance of justice, fairness, and patriotism in Nigeria's journey toward a brighter future.

Connected Development CEO Commends President Tinubu for Legal Victory.

In the wake of Nigeria's recent legal triumph against Process & Industrial Development (P&ID), Hamzat Lawal, the CEO of Connected Development, lauded President Bola Tinubu for his resolute leadership and unwavering commitment to safeguarding Nigeria's financial interests. This victory, which unfolded at the Business and Property Court in London, saw the dismissal of an $11.5 billion USD award, along with accumulated interest, previously granted to P&ID Limited against Nigeria. Lawal characterized this outcome as a momentous milestone in Nigeria's legal history.

In a statement provided to LEADERSHIP on Monday, Lawal stressed that President Tinubu's dedication to protecting Nigeria's resources and economic stability played a pivotal role in the successful resolution of this intricate legal battle. He also commended Judge Robin Knowles for delivering a verdict that underscores the administration's commitment to justice and fairness.

Hamza Lawal, a prominent anti-corruption advocate, emphasized that this victory transcends national boundaries, benefiting not only Nigeria but also the entire African continent and the developing world. It sends a robust message that unjust economic conspiracies aimed at exploiting and burdening developing nations will no longer be tolerated.


Furthermore, Lawal urged Nigerians to embrace patriotism as a driving force behind their nation's collective progress. He highlighted the significance of love and loyalty to one's country in promoting unity and growth, underscoring that patriotism is the cornerstone of collective national advancement, emphasizing commitment to fellow citizens' well-being and the welfare of the entire nation.

While acknowledging the dedication of Nigeria's legal defense team at the British Court, Lawal also commended the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation for securing this historic legal victory. As Nigeria celebrates this remarkable milestone, Lawal reminded all Nigerians of the crucial role played by justice, fairness, and unity in the nation's journey. He called upon the citizens to work collaboratively towards constructing a brighter future for their country.

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