AG Baby's Emotional Highs: Fans Sing Hits, Family Surprises on Tour

In a heartwarming and emotional moment during his performance in Edmonton, USA, Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold, popularly known as AG Baby, was left in awe by his adoring fans. As he reached the peak of his show, he bowed his head, overcome by a flood of emotions, while the audience erupted into a frenzy, briefly relieving him of his role as the entertainer.

AG Baby's Emotional Moment in Edmonton, USA.

Adekunle Gold, the acclaimed Nigerian singer known as AG Baby, experienced a deeply moving moment during his performance in Edmonton, USA, as his adoring fans left him in awe. The crescendo of his show witnessed a remarkable scene that evoked raw emotion. Bowing his head on stage, a torrent of feelings overwhelmed him, almost causing the audience to momentarily relieve him of his role as the entertainer.

As he lifted his head, a remarkable sight unfolded before him. The audience, in an exhilarating frenzy, began to sing his chart-topping single, "Party No They Stop," with unmatched enthusiasm, reciting every word at the top of their lungs. Adekunle Gold stood in amazement, gazing at this extraordinary spectacle, tears of gratitude welling up in his eyes, humbled by the resounding popularity of his music.


Adekunle Gold had initiated his North American tour several months ago, gracing the stages of 17 vibrant cities and casting a spell of melodious Afrobeats music akin to a musical pied piper.

This heartwarming incident came just weeks after a surprise appearance by his wife, Simi, and their beloved daughter, Deja, during one of his performances. As part of his 'Tequila Ever After' music tour in the United States, AG Baby delivered a spellbinding performance. His joy proved infectious as he warmly welcomed Simi and their cherished daughter, Deja, onto the stage. Simi, cradling Deja, shared a tender embrace with her husband before he introduced his beloved family to the enthusiastic crowd, creating a moment that will be cherished by fans and the artist himself.

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