Anambra State Government Embarks on Automated Budgeting Process

The article discusses the Anambra State Government's introduction of an automated budgeting process for the upcoming fiscal year, aiming to streamline and modernize the budgetary procedures.

Efforts to Digitize Budget Processes for 2024 Fiscal Year

The Anambra State Government is taking strides towards automating its budgetary processes for the 2024 fiscal year. In a statement released by the Anambra State ICT Agency, it was disclosed that the agency has launched an initiative to expedite the setup of official email accounts for state employees, thereby facilitating smoother communication.


According to Mr. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, the Managing Director of the agency, the state government has developed specialized software for the comprehensive digitization of the budget process. Ministries, Departments, and Agencies are expected to submit their proposals digitally and defend them through this platform.

Access to this digitization platform will only be granted to officials using their designated official email addresses. To this end, a dedicated desk has been established at the Ministry to aid civil servants and MDAs in creating and configuring their official government emails.


Mr. Agbata encouraged civil servants to embrace this innovative approach and transition all forms of correspondence to government-authorized email accounts. He emphasized the importance of this initiative in aligning with Governor Soludo's vision for a more streamlined and efficient budgetary process.

To facilitate this transition, a dedicated team has been assigned to assist government workers in setting up and configuring their official government email accounts on their devices. Furthermore, official email accounts are being established and configured for all 21 ministries and MDAs.

It should be noted that to access the digitization platform, civil servants are required to log in using their official government email addresses. Any communication conducted through generic email services such as Yahoo or Gmail will not be considered official.

This configuration initiative exemplifies Governor Soludo's commitment to modernizing the budgetary process in Anambra State, with the ultimate aim of enhancing overall service delivery.

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