APC Support Group Appeals to NLC to Halt Nationwide Strike for Economic Stability

The APC Support Groups urge the NLC to reconsider their planned strike, citing concerns about its potential severe impact on the Nigerian economy. Director-General Kailani Muhammed emphasizes the disruptive consequences, appealing for the strike's reconsideration to maintain economic stability.

APC Urges NLC to Reconsider Nationwide Strike for Economic Well-being.

The Confederation of All Progressives Congress (APC) Support Groups has urged the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to reconsider its proposed nationwide strike, emphasizing the potential dire consequences it could impose on the country's economy and social framework. Director-General Kailani Muhammed conveyed this plea in a statement released in Abuja on Monday.

Expressing concern, Muhammed highlighted the possible disruptive impact the strike might wield on the economic and sociopolitical stability of Nigeria. The group appealed fervently to the NLC, underscoring the belief that the intended strike, stemming from the physical assault on NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero in Imo State, could significantly disrupt the nation's fabric.

Highlighting the detrimental effects, Muhammed emphasized that the strike could have devastating ramifications. It might not only derail and impede the Nigerian economy but also generate unnecessary chaos by halting all economic activities nationwide. The Director-General underscored that such action would adversely affect the average Nigerian citizen, particularly in terms of escalating the already high costs of goods and services to unprecedented levels.

Emphasizing the significance of their plea, Muhammed stressed that the impact of increased prices could persist without relief, as prices in Nigeria tend not to decrease once elevated. The group's appeal was articulated from a standpoint of concern for the welfare of the nation and a commitment to maintaining the democratic ideals that prioritize the well-being of the Nigerian populace.

Muhammed concluded by reiterating the urgency of their appeal, grounded in their identity as concerned citizens and advocates for the nation's prosperity. The plea was extended with an earnest hope for the reconsideration of the planned strike, recognizing the potential far-reaching consequences it could bring upon the nation.

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