APC UK Chapter Strongly Opposes Protest Targeting President Tinubu's Credentials in London

The news covers the strong opposition by the All Progressives Congress (APC) UK Chapter against an impending protest in London regarding President Bola Tinubu's educational qualifications. Tunde Doherty, Chairman of the UK chapter, emphasized the significance of relying on substantiated facts rather than baseless allegations while defending President Tinubu's distinguished service to Nigeria and the unsubstantiated nature of the claims against his credentials. The statement aimed to uphold the integrity of Tinubu and advocate for fair political engagement based on verified information.

All Progressives Congress UK Chapter Stands Firm Against London Protest Over President Tinubu.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) UK Chapter's leadership vehemently opposed an intended protest against President Bola Tinubu in London, denouncing it as an ill-advised endeavor. Tunde Doherty, Chairman of the UK chapter and also the APC Committee of Diaspora Chairmen, conveyed this stance in a statement from Lagos on Friday.

Doherty responded to assertions made by a group, led by Aisha Yesufu, an activist and Labour Party supporter, planning a protest in London to challenge President Tinubu's educational credentials. He emphasized their obligation to address the matter, stressing the importance of relying on verified facts rather than premature and baseless allegations.

In defense of President Tinubu, Doherty highlighted Tinubu's distinguished statesmanship and extensive history of serving Nigeria. He underlined Tinubu's unwavering dedication to the country's advancement and the welfare of its people throughout his career.

The allegations regarding forged certificates, according to Doherty, not only lack solid evidence but also undermine the fundamental principles of democracy and fair political dialogue that are cherished. He asserted that such accusations go against the spirit of fair play and essential democratic norms.

The statement from the APC UK Chapter's leadership aimed to uphold the integrity of President Tinubu and cautioned against lending credence to unproven claims, advocating instead for an emphasis on verified information and constructive political engagement.

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