Blaqbonez Extends Olive Branch to TG Omori, Seeks Collaboration for 'Nyem Ego' Video

Nigerian rap sensation Blaqbonez has reconciled with music video director TG Omori after a past feud over fees. In a recent gesture of reconciliation, Blaqbonez reached out to Omori, expressing a desire for him to direct the music video for his new track, "Nyem Ego," recognizing Omori's unparalleled talent and seeking a collaborative effort, potentially marking a new phase in their professional relationship.

Blaqbonez Reaches Out to TG Omori for 'Nyem Ego' Music Video Collaboration.

Nigerian rap prodigy Blaqbonez has officially put an end to the long-standing discord with acclaimed music video director TG Omori. The feud that commenced in 2022, sparked by Blaqbonez's grievance over what he deemed an excessive $30,000 fee charged by Omori, has finally found resolution.

In a recent tweet from his handle, Blaqbonez extended an olive branch to Omori, seeking his directorial expertise for the music video of his latest track, "Nyem Ego." Acknowledging Omori's unparalleled talent and unique creative vision, the rapper expressed his confidence that no other director could execute the project as masterfully as Omori.

This conciliatory move signifies a reconciliatory stance taken by Blaqbonez, highlighting his respect for Omori's exceptional skill set. The rapper's outreach and plea for collaboration on his newest song demonstrate a shift in their relationship, indicating a renewed respect and admiration for Omori's craft.

The public gesture reflects Blaqbonez's willingness to move past their previous discord and shows a keen desire to leverage Omori's exceptional expertise, potentially marking the beginning of a new collaborative and harmonious phase in their professional association.

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