Deputy Senate President Advocates Passage of N2.17 Trillion Supplementary Budget for National Development

Deputy Senate President Jibrin Barau urges swift approval of the N2.17 trillion supplementary budget to address pressing national issues in security, agriculture, and infrastructure, aligning government policies with crucial needs not covered in the primary budget.

Senate Debates Crucial N2.17 Trillion Supplementary Budget for Government Policy Overhaul.

Deputy Senate President Jibrin Barau emphasized the significance of the proposed N2.17 trillion supplementary budget, clarifying its purpose to accommodate novel governmental policies absent in the primary budget. Addressing the Senate during deliberations on President Bola Ahmed's supplementary budget proposal on Tuesday, Barau underscored the necessity for a fresh budget allocation in a new administration.

Barau highlighted the routine nature of a new government requesting supplementary appropriations to align the country’s operations with its policies and programs. He noted that although such supplementary bills are typically presented to the National Assembly in the early months of a new administration, this government took considerable time to assess its challenges and funding needs in crucial areas such as security, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Expressing appreciation for President Tinubu’s thorough examination of the nation's challenges before presenting the supplementary budget, Barau underscored the uniqueness of this proposal in contrast to the previous administration's amendments.

He urged his colleagues to support the passage of this bill swiftly, citing the pressing concerns of insecurity nationwide, including rising incidents of kidnapping, theft, and other criminal activities. Barau stressed the importance of the supplementary budget in addressing these challenges and fortifying national security while enhancing crucial sectors such as agriculture and infrastructure.

Emphasizing the critical role of the appropriation bill in tackling these issues, Barau urged unified support to enable the government to safeguard the nation effectively. He cited the urgent need to address security threats and fortify various sectors, underscoring the importance of swift action in approving the supplementary budget to bolster the nation's defense and development.

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