Dr. Busola Tejumola Joins International TV Academy: Elevating African Voices in Global Television

Dr. Busola Tejumola, Executive Head of Content at MultiChoice, has joined the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, emphasizing the amplification of African narratives in global television. Her membership alongside other accomplished Nigerians signifies a commitment to promoting cultural diversity and providing a global platform for African voices. Tejumola's influence in spearheading shows like The AMVCAs and Big Brother Naija on the Africa Magic channel is celebrated, marking 20 years of success. This recognition within the esteemed Academy underlines her dedication to pushing the boundaries of television content and furthering the representation of diverse stories on a global scale.

Dr. Busola Tejumola's Membership in International TV Academy Amplifies African TV Representation.

Dr. Busola Tejumola, the Executive Head of Content and West Africa Channels at MultiChoice, has attained membership in the esteemed International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, marking a noteworthy accomplishment within the television industry. Her induction aligns her with a cohort of accomplished Nigerians already part of the academy, including notable figures such as John Ugbe, CEO of West Africa MultiChoice, John Momoh of Channels TV, Taj Adepetu from Media Conglomerate Group 8, Moses Babatope of FilmOne Entertainment, and Femi Odugbemi of Zuri24 Media.

Dr. Tejumola's inclusion underscores her commitment to pushing the envelope in television content, emphasizing cultural diversity, and providing a global platform for African voices and narratives. Her impactful work has significantly contributed to the success of MultiChoice's Africa Magic channel, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Her leadership has seen the creation of popular shows like The AMVCAs and Big Brother Naija, which have resonated widely.

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences comprises over 800 entertainment and media executives with a shared passion for advancing the art and science of television. This prestigious body aims to acknowledge excellence in non-U.S. television programming through the esteemed International Emmy Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. Dr. Tejumola's membership stands as a testament to her dedication and influence within the global television landscape.

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