Exam Supervisor Arrested for Leaked KCPE Paper in Suspected Malpractice Scandal

The news highlights the arrest of an exam supervisor in Kwale County due to the unauthorized dissemination of a KCPE 2023 Kiswahili Lugha paper online during national examinations. The leaked paper, traced back to Albadru Integrated School, led to the apprehension of the supervisor, Bakari Enzi, under suspicion of breaching exam protocol. Investigations by local authorities shed light on the mandate for safekeeping spare exam papers by supervisors and the implications of their unauthorized disclosure. Despite ongoing inquiries, the incident is not expected to impact the school's results, as it appears to be an isolated case rather than a widespread issue affecting the educational institution.

Arrest of Exam Supervisor Over Leaked KCPE Paper in Exam Malpractice Case.

In Kwale County, a recent incident of suspected examination malpractice led to the arrest of an exam supervisor by local authorities. The arrest followed the unauthorized circulation of a KCPE 2023 Kiswahili Lugha paper on social media during the national examinations.

According to a police report, a supervisor from the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) discovered the leaked paper, whose serial number was traced back to Albadru Integrated School. The school, situated at Munje Primary Examinations Centre in Kingwede, Msambweni, was found to possess the spare paper in question. Consequently, the supervisor in charge, Bakari Enzi, was apprehended for the unauthorized disclosure of exam contents.

Investigations uncovered that KNEC regulations mandate the safekeeping of spare papers by the supervisors following exam distribution. Despite the supervisor confirming the possession of the spare paper, suspicions arose that they might have disseminated it online.

Francis Gachoki, the head of Msambweni Police, disclosed that the supervisor's actions seemingly aimed to smear Albadru School's reputation. He clarified that although the Directorate of Criminal Investigations continued their probe into the supervisor, the school's results would not be adversely affected.

Gachoki emphasized the isolated nature of the incident, suggesting it might have been a deliberate strategy by one individual rather than a systemic issue affecting the school.

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