FCT Police Seize 9 Vehicles and Apprehend Suspects in Operation Against One-Chance Crimes

"Rising "One Chance" Menace in FCT: Recent Victimization and Ongoing Arrests."

"The "One Chance" Threat Expands"

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has taken significant action against one-chance robbery activities in the area. FCT Police Commissioner Haruna Garba announced during a press briefing in Abuja that the newly established Operation Sting, in collaboration with the anti-one-chance squad, conducted well-coordinated operations that resulted in the impoundment of nine tinted vehicles suspected of being involved in one-chance crimes.

The primary objective of these operations was to eliminate one-chance criminal activities within the city. The seized vehicles were identified as follows:

  1. Red Golf with Registration No. ABJ 897 DC
  2. White Peugeot 206 with Registration No. JJJ 638
  3. Ford Vita Black with Registration No. RBC 567 MK
  4. Nissan Almeira with Registration No. AWK 260 IB
  5. Toyota Corolla Gold with Registration No. ABJ 590 AE
  6. Mazda 323 Protege with Registration No. RBC 258 XC
  7. Toyota Corolla Gold in color with Registration No. LD 364
  8. Toyota Corolla with Registration No. YAB 561 EH, in black color
  9. A vehicle with Registration No. ABJ 597 TH

Additionally, Commissioner Garba reported an incident on October 22 where police operatives from CPS intercepted a gold-colored Toyota Corolla with a hand-inscribed registration number, RSH 287. This vehicle was suspected to be associated with one-chance criminal activities near the Phase 1 Federal Secretariat.

Upon realizing the presence of the police operatives, the suspect attempted to flee, leaving both the vehicle and a potential victim behind. During a search of the vehicle, the police recovered a locally made pistol, a jackknife, and a rope, further highlighting the criminal intent behind these actions.

Escalating "One Chance" Menace in FCT

The threat of "One Chance" criminal activities continues to rise in the Federal Capital Territory, with the latest victim being Greatness Olorunfemi. Shockingly, she was allegedly denied treatment at Maitama General Hospital because the good Samaritans who brought her could not produce a police report.

"The ICIR" previously detailed the legal requirement for obtaining a police report before providing emergency care to individuals. The organization has consistently highlighted the widespread nature of this menace in the city.

"One Chance" groups disguise themselves as regular commuters or taxi drivers, operating in groups armed with weapons such as guns, knives, hammers, and other dangerous tools. They target passengers, robbing them of their possessions, including money, phones, laptops, and other valuables. Many employ Point of Sale (PoS) machines to drain victims' bank accounts by force.

The recent seizure of nine vehicles used for "One Chance" activities within a short span by the police lends credibility to "The ICIR" report regarding the evolving dimensions of criminal activities and insecurity in the nation's capital.

Other Arrests by the FCT Police Command

The FCT Police Command also reported on various arrests and operations. One notable case involved the swift response to a distress call about a robbery at a residence in Apo resettlement, leading to the capture of a notorious armed robber, Ogbonna Ezechukwu. The police also recovered stolen items, including gold earrings, a laptop, wristwatches, and other valuables.

On the same day, police operatives apprehended Musa Ayelolo, a tipper driver, and seized a locally made pistol with live cartridges. The Anti-Kidnapping Unit tracked down and arrested Muhammed Suleman, who confessed to aiding bandits in Mpape, Bwari, and Byazhin areas as an informant and food supplier.

Furthermore, in a separate incident, the police responded to a distress call about the gunpoint theft of a Toyota Prado SUV. They gave chase, causing the culprits to abandon the vehicle and flee. The vehicle was subsequently returned to its owner.

The FCT Police Commissioner reassured residents that the police are committed to taking all necessary measures to combat crime in the region.

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