Governor Establishes Committee to Investigate Alleged Corruption at Enugu College of Education Technical

Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, has taken proactive measures by constituting a seven-member committee to investigate alleged fraud and corruption at the Enugu College of Education Technical. The state-owned institution has faced serious accusations of financial mismanagement and corrupt administrative practices within the college and its Governing Council. Specifically, the committee aims to examine unresolved financial discrepancies of over N84 million related to Bluetag Technologies, the firm responsible for fee collection at the college. Additionally, the investigation will delve into claims of irregularities in recruitment processes and unexplained increases in the college's monthly subvention. Governor Mbah's decisive action seeks to address these grave allegations, aiming to authenticate the claims and recommend necessary actions based on their findings. This initiative reflects the state's commitment to addressing reported malpractices, ensuring transparency, and taking corrective measures to restore integrity within the Enugu College of Education Technical.

Enugu State Governor Forms Committee to Probe Alleged College Corruption.

Governor Peter Mbah, overseeing Enugu State, has taken a decisive step in addressing reported malpractices at the Enugu College of Education Technical. A specially appointed seven-member investigative committee has been formed to delve into accusations of fraud and corrupt behavior allegedly plaguing the institution. Owned by the state government, the college has come under scrutiny due to purported mismanagement and corrupt administrative actions within both the college itself and its Governing Council.

In an official statement released by the governor’s media office on Friday, the committee has been assigned the critical task of examining severe allegations, including the mishandling of funds and corrupt practices. Specifically, the committee will investigate the involvement of Bluetag Technologies, a financial firm responsible for fee collection at the college. This investigation is triggered by unresolved financial issues amounting to over N84 million.

Additionally, the committee’s scope extends to scrutinizing alleged irregularities in the recruitment process and subsequent unexplained escalations in the college’s monthly subvention. Their primary objective is to authenticate these allegations and make recommendations based on their findings to rectify the issues outlined in a petition submitted to the government.

Governor Mbah’s proactive measure aims to address these concerning issues and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to rectify the situation at the Enugu College of Education Technical.

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