Governor Kefas of Taraba State Vows Fair Local Elections Amid Opposition Allegations

Amidst allegations of electoral manipulation, Governor Kefas of Taraba State assured fair play in the upcoming local elections. Emphasizing a level playing field for all parties, he debunked opposition claims and urged focusing on internal party issues for electoral success.

Governor Kefas Stands Firm on Fair Play in Taraba Local Elections Despite Opposition Claims.

Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State addressed concerns about his administration's alleged intentions to manipulate the upcoming local government elections. He emphasized a commitment to fair play and open competition among all political parties participating in the polls. His response, communicated through his Special Adviser Media and Digital Communications, Emmanuel Bello, aimed to debunk the accusations while urging the public to dismiss such claims.

In a statement released to journalists in Jalingo, the state capital, Governor Kefas refuted the accusations of his administration's purported scheming to compromise the elections. He highlighted the need to provide an equitable platform for candidates from all parties, asserting that regardless of political affiliations, a level playing field would be ensured. He dismissed the allegations made against his government as symptomatic of the opposition's struggle following recent electoral defeats.

Kefas, in an apparent reference to the All Progressives Congress (APC), implied that the party was experiencing a post-defeat trauma syndrome, insinuating that their focus on unrelated issues hinted at an inability to effectively hold the government to account or offer constructive opposition. He further suggested that any failure in the upcoming elections would likely stem from candidates' internal challenges and inadequate planning rather than external interference.

The governor criticized the APC, suggesting that the party's internal crises and lack of resonance with the electorate were primary reasons for its apprehension and fear of potential defeat in the forthcoming polls. He urged the APC to concentrate on resolving its internal issues and refrain from involving the first family in their struggles. Governor Kefas affirmed his democratic values and commitment to ensuring a transparent and unbiased electoral process while simultaneously encouraging opposition parties to engage constructively for the betterment of the state.

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