Honourable Mayowa Akinfolarin Applauds Supreme Court Verdict and Calls for Unity in Support of President Tinubu's Leadership.

Explore Honourable Mayowa Akinfolarin's commendation of the Supreme Court's verdict affirming President Tinubu's victory in the 2023 elections. Akinfolarin calls for national unity, urging stakeholders to support the president's renewed hope agenda for effective governance.

Honourable Akinfolarin: Unity Call and Commendation for Supreme Court Verdict.


In a notable development, Honourable Mayowa Akinfolarin, a former member of the House of Representatives and an aspirant for the governorship seat in the 2024 gubernatorial election in Ondo State, has extended his congratulations to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima. This congratulatory message follows the recent Supreme Court verdict affirming their victory in the presidential elections held on February 25, 2023.

Akinfolarin, who previously represented the Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo – Odigbo federal constituency in the 9th National Assembly, released a statement on Saturday expressing his commendation for the apex court's decision. He emphasized that the ruling not only validates the citizens' endorsement of President Tinubu but also calls for unity and support from all stakeholders to ensure effective governance.

The Supreme Court Verdict:

Honourable Akinfolarin hailed the Supreme Court's verdict as a confirmation of the people's overwhelming support for President Tinubu's leadership. The decision, he believes, solidifies the endorsement given by citizens across the nation during the presidential election. The former House of Representatives member urged all presidential candidates and stakeholders to rally behind the president, emphasizing that now is the time for effective governance.

Akinfolarin's Plea for Unity:

In his statement, Akinfolarin articulated the need for unity among Nigerians, transcending cultural, religious, linguistic, political, social, and economic backgrounds. He called for a collective effort towards nation-building and stressed the importance of mutual understanding, love, cooperation, and trust among citizens.

"The Supreme Court’s verdict, which affirms Asiwaju’s victory in the February 25, 2023 presidential election, underscores the people’s endorsement of the president’s leadership. I implore Nigerians from various cultural, religious, linguistic, political, social, and economic backgrounds to unite for the common goal of nation-building," Akinfolarin expressed.

Supporting the President's Agenda:

Akinfolarin further highlighted the urgency for all stakeholders to align their efforts in supporting President Tinubu's renewed hope agenda for the country. He urged Nigerians to set aside differences and work collectively towards the common goal of achieving effective governance and national development.

"As a nation, I firmly believe that we should work together with mutual understanding, love, cooperation, and trust among ourselves. We must stand united, be tolerant, and have faith in our homeland," Akinfolarin stated.

Nation-Building Through Collaboration:

The aspirant for the governorship seat underscored the significance of collaboration in nation-building. He called for a united front, emphasizing that the challenges facing the nation require a collective and concerted effort. Akinfolarin stressed that by fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose, Nigerians can overcome obstacles and collectively contribute to the growth and prosperity of the country.

A Call to Presidential Candidates:

In a plea directed at all presidential candidates, Akinfolarin urged them to put aside political differences and prioritize the greater good of the nation. He called for a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, suggesting that the collective strength of political leaders is essential for steering the country towards a future marked by progress and prosperity.

"Presidential candidates and stakeholders must come together, setting aside any political differences, to support the president in realizing his renewed hope agenda for the country. It is time for effective governance," Akinfolarin asserted.

Honourable Mayowa Akinfolarin's congratulatory message and call for unity in the wake of the Supreme Court's verdict reflect a commitment to fostering a cohesive and collaborative approach to governance. As the nation looks forward to the realization of President Tinubu's renewed hope agenda, Akinfolarin's plea for a united front becomes a rallying call for all Nigerians, regardless of background or affiliation, to work together towards the common goal of nation-building and progress. It is a testament to the belief that in unity lies the strength to overcome challenges and pave the way for a brighter future for Nigeria.

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