APPLE : ITUNE AUDIO BOOK : Alvin D. Hall – Getting Started in Stocks

This best selling guide by the featured presenter of the BBC’s widely praised series, Alvin Hall’s Guide to Successful Living, is for those of you who are thinking of getting your feet wet in the stock market, but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge but would like to know more about the stock investments you’ve made. A hundred thousand investors already know the place to start is Getting Started in Stocks by Alvin D. Hall, whose dynamic style of teaching investment professionals has earned him the moniker, “the professor of Wall Street.”

Packed with new material on mutual funds, this thoroughly updated edition will help you:
Set clear financial goalsDetermine the level of risk you can afford to makeEvaluate stocks and securities for risks and rewardsTrack market trends for solid, informed choicesUse mutual funds to diversify and cut riskDetermine the right proportion of stocks for your portfolio

By Alvin D. Hall

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