APPLE : ITUNE AUDIO BOOK : Kyra Davis – Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate (Unabridged)

Sophie Katz’s relationship with the irresistible and occasionally insufferable P.I. Anatoly Darinsky is on the fritz when a friend recruits Sophie’s investigation skills to decode her possibly two-timing husband’s strange behavior. When Sophie shows up in a short, red cocktail dress and her friend’s hubby winds up dead, the loveable would-be sleuth can’t help but take on the job.
Suddenly plunged into a crazy world of campaign mudslinging, dirt-digging, and cover-ups, Sophie begins to uncover some pretty dirty secrets indeed, involving a conservative congressional hopeful’s involvement in the Furry community, a group of people who dress up in mascot-size stuffed animal costumes. Sex and politics, wouldn’t you know?

Way in over her head as usual, Sophie reluctantly, or not-so-reluctantly, enlists the help of her two-time sidekick and ex, Anatoly. Together they set out to determine who killed Eugene and why, and in the process can’t resist falling for each other…again?

By Kyra Davis

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