APPLE : ITUNE AUDIO BOOK : The Editors at SoundsErotic – Nibbles & Bites: Spice Series #2

The classic power play, the voluptuous new mom, a lone honeymooner who meets a couple with a very different day at the altar and finds her own celebration. This second series of our Spice collection will have the heat turned up in no time!
“Moving Violation” by Robin Foreman
“The Handyman” by Sasha Channing
“Dining Out” by Sasha Channing
“Costume Ball” by Robin Foreman
“Teacher’s Pet” by Blake Chandler
“Honeymoon for One” by Alexandra Greenwood
“The Shower” by Alexee Hunter
“Writhing Lessons” by Madeline de Chambry

By The Editors at SoundsErotic

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