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Having trouble getting your friends together to hang out? Want To solves that problem for you, finding friends and mutual friends nearby who are interested in doing the same thing you want to do at the same time. You’ll never have to eat at a restaurant or workout at the gym alone again!

How it works:

What do you feel like doing?
• I’m hungry
• I’m thirsty
• I want to exercise
• I want to chill

View Search Results
• See friends around you who want to do the same thing at the same time

Want to meet new friends?
• We also show you one degree of separation (friends of friends)
• Safely socialize and meet new friends

Make plans
• Click on their name to chat and spontaneously make plans

Want To Features:

Find Friends Nearby:
• We set a search radius to ensure realistic results

Find Friends in Real Time:
• A timer is activated when you search
• Only find friends near you who want to eat, drink, or exercise at the same time as you

Meet New Friends:
• By using your Facebook login, we are able to show you friends of friends who want to hang out
• Meet new friends safely and without awkwardness

In App Chat:
• Easily make plans with our in app messenger

• We make it easy to find friends who want to drink, exercise or eat right now!
• Our app will send you a notification when one of your friends nearby is also hungry, thirsty, or in the mood to exercise
• Make plans to meet up spontaneously!

Customizable Settings:
• Notification preferences
• Blocked friends
• Search radius

• Food: “I’m hungry and I want to eat right now!”
• Drinks / Party: “I’m thirsty and want to party right now”
• Exercise: “I want to find friends who want to exercise!”
• Chill: “I want to find friends who want to chill”

With Want To, it’s never been easier to find friends to hang out with or meet new friends and spontaneously make plans! Whether it’s a work lunch break or play time after work with a drink or two, Want To will take the stress out of finding people interested in joining you for those moments so you can just relax and have fun!

By NK Media Inc.

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