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“Atmosphere Shift is not just a good book, but it is a call for action in the body of Christ, to prioritize the Power of Prayer and believe that God specializes in the miraculous.”
Miles McPherson
Pastor, The Rock Church, San Diego

It’s time for God’s chosen to provoke an Atmosphere Shift!

Are you tired of weekend blessings?
Are you tired of temporary triumphs?

“I’ve got great news for you. God does not give weekend blessings, he blesses for generations. God doesn’t offer week-long triumphs, he offers eternal joy. Your next breakthrough starts when you decide to decree and declare Atmosphere Shift!”  
Pastor Matthew K. Thompson 

In his book, Atmosphere Shift, author and Pastor, Matthew K Thompson, uncovers profound revelations on victorious living. Dare to make a difference in others.

Written in an easy to read, motivational style, complete with personal stories, foundational biblical truths, and divine discernment, Atmosphere Shift will make you see God the Father in a different light. This book is designed to be an interactive guide for believers of every age, color and gender. 

You have the authority to change the atmosphere around you and your loved ones. Tap into the power of prayer, walk into a life-changing kairos moment, and learn how to dig a spiritual well for the next generation.

By Matthew K. Thompson

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