APPLE : ITUNE EBOOK : OpenStory Editorial Dept. – Korean Basic – Consonants & Vowels

Version 1.2 updated on Feb 2016

“Korean Basic: Consonants and Vowels” is an interactive audio book that helps readers to learn consonants and vowels in Korean.
How to use this book:
1. Open the book
2. See the character and try to speak based on the text
3. Touch the character and hear the native sound
4. Mimic the sound
5. Repeat the step 3~4 as needed
6. Memorize it

  APPLE : ITUNE EBOOK : Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  APPLE : ITUNE EBOOK : Edmund de Waal - The Hare with Amber Eyes

This basic book will help you to memorize Korean consonants and vowels before learning the Korean Alphabet.

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

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