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APPLE : ITUNE EDUCATION APP : Dao Thang – 500+ First Words Card for Baby

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Let’s start now to wake potential of your baby!
With more 1000 card about everything and every language:

– Picture card: Real picture of Animal, Fruit, Tool, Plant, Musical, Color, Shape, Body, Traffic, Flower, Sport.

– Text card: Alphabet (upper, lower), most frequently used words: Verb, Noun, Adjective.

– Dots card: Count to 100 dots.

Base on Glenn Doman Baby Program

With the Glenn Doman Baby Program,
your child will be able to:

+ Unleash their infinite potential
+ Develop a solid educational foundation
+ Achieve early reading and problem solving abilities
+ Increase and improve their social and intellectual skills
+ Build on their physical strength and mobility which will enhance their learning capability

And most importantly, they will find joy in learning!

You can edit audio with your language.

You don’t know this program. No problem.
You only need to download application and run. We setup everything.

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By Dao Thang

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