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“…and you don’t have to be a math genius, which we love…” – NBC’s Today Show
“…this app’s tipping advice for more than 200 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia, which make it the most comprehensive of the global tip calculators…” – Travel+Leisure Magazine

It’s always best to tip appropriately in each and every situation. GlobeTips will give you precise advice on how to tip adequately in a specific situation in 240+ countries.

GlobeTips includes a lot of features such as bill scanning that simply calculates everything for you and automatically applies geo-location based advice, handy check-splitting, results up rounding, tax excluding, full tipping guide for all countries, etc.



• Bill recognition for automatic tip calcuation
• Tip guide for 240+ countries and regions
• Automatic country detection
• Possibility to divide tips among number of people
• Service-based tipping
• Tip calculation excluding sales tax
• Automatic currency detection
• Possibility to observe split bill and tip amount per person
• Tip rounding to whole number
• You can also remind, copy and share a bill.

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By Ievgenii Lebid

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