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are you ready to prepare all type of cuisine all over the world? if you always wanted to be a chef and cook for all your friends and family, this is the game you were waiting for.

try to keep up with all the order of your hungry costumers. hurry up preparing all the food and don’t let them wait to much or they will leave your restaurant and you will gain bad reputation all over your town.
some of your costumers have more patience than others, some want to eat right away they arrived, others like to chill out and think what they want for eating. don’t let your guard down, you need to think as a professional chef.

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be aware because near your kitchen there are schools and offices where all of a sudden you think you have everything under control and the next moment you have a huge line of costumers asking for burgers, hotdogs, pizza, drinks,soups and all you can imagine.

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how to play
step up and cook as a master is something you will need to do. it is very easy if you have fast fingers and an intelligent brain that know what comes first when making a hamburger(bread, tomato, bread, onion, steak, ketchup, banana) “i think that is not the way it should be… right?…..

By Benyapa Nasusin

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