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Mothers know it’s not just about getting the baby to stop crying, it’s about getting to the root of the problem. Why is baby crying? How can I anticipate their needs? Moms deserve tools to help them become active participants in their baby’s health care!

Transformative technology around parenting is extremely lacking. Luna aims to create technology that empowers parents to do things they have only dreamed of! Luna seeks to add value to everyday life.
What if you could instantly know if your infant needed to be burped, fed, was sleepy, even if they need a diaper change, using your iPhone?

This is why we developed Luna, and we have a long term commitment to transform this landscape. This is only the beginning!

DISCLAIMER – Quest Mobile LLC will not be held responsible for the effectiveness or consequences of using either the application or accompanying suggestions. The suggestions are intended to provide an informative reference for parents/caregivers.

This app is not intended as a replacement for medical advice of any kind.
For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor/midwife.

By Chandra Jaya

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