APPLE : ITUNE FOOD & DRINKS APP : Medis Media Pty Ltd – 3D Organon Anatomy – Heart, Arteries, and Veins

3D Organon Anatomy – Heart, Arteries, and Veins is a feature-rich interactive cardiovascular atlas enhanced with quality anatomy descriptions and texts with frequently encountered clinical correlations.

Learn heart and vascular anatomy with thousands of realistic anatomical models/structures. An all-in-one solution for learning clinical, topographic and systems-based anatomy. The 3D anatomy models can add important cognitive input for understanding the spatial relationship between anatomical structures and landmarks leading to an increased retention of knowledge. The app includes skeletal system and connective tissues as a bonus.

Suitable for medical and allied health students and professionals. Appropriate for patients and lay persons who want to learn more about the inner structure and function of their body. Convenient patient education in hospitals and private practice. Also, suitable for students over 12 years old. Can be used to increase student engagement in the classroom.

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+ Visualize anatomy using the latest 3D technologies.
+ Included structures: Heart (myocardium, ventricles, atria), Heart valves, Pericardium, Great vessels, Arteries of the body (all regions), Veins of the body (all regions).
+ Bonus body systems: Skeletal system, Connective system. (Ligaments, Articular capsules, Bursae, Cartilages, and other connective tissues).
+ Rotate, pan, and zoom in/out.
+ Double tap to select and focus on a structure.
+ Hide or fade selected structures.
+ Realistic X-ray mode (Fade others button).
+ Single- and multi-select modes.
+ All featured text descriptions and clinical correlations are written by professors of anatomy and medical professionals.
+ Amazing life-like high detail graphics for better user experience.
+ Beautiful symmetry of designed organs and structures makes learning easy and pleasant.
+ Take snapshots of your scene for later study or reference.

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By Medis Media Pty Ltd

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