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APPLE : ITUNE GAMES APP : Netsummit Marketing, Inc. – Dirt Track Motocross Bike Madness: Xtreme Offroad Frontier

Do you love driving at the highest speed? Are you ready to play a game that tests your skills to the fullest? If you’re looking for a fast, fun sports game then this app is just for you!

You need to be fast but it takes more than speed to win this game. You must also possess agility and creativity as you race through the track, trying to get around obstacles to reach your final destination. Ride and jump your way to the end without hitting anything and you’ll be ready to move on!

With a variety of levels and difficulties, this game will keep you occupied and engaged for a very long time. The fun graphics and exciting imagery are just bonuses you’ll be sure to appreciate.

It’s a game that’s fun for the whole family, but you might not want to share it. After all, you may not get it back!

* Great for all ages
* Amazing graphics
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
* Addictive Gaming

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By Netsummit Marketing, Inc.

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