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******** Free Guess the Country Game! ********

******** Hours of addicting guesswork *********

Travel the world in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.

Test your skills in this simple, addictive and educational game for all ages. Featuring images and symbols of the most famous countries, this game will provide you with endless minutes of fun.

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Uncover the photo, one block at a time, to reveal a small portion of the image! See how many blocks you need to uncover to identify the part.

Can you tell the difference between the United States, Canada or Argentina? It’s easy… But then again, maybe not! Expect hours of fun, laughter and learning – not just for kids but even for kids at heart.

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● Over 70 levels
● Stunning images
● Earn coins when you beat a level
● Simple gameplay
● Challenging, instant fun

Be the ultimate geography junkie!

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