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APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Alexey Natarov – Drum Pads Machine PRO – Make beats

Drum Pads Machine – PRO version of virtual drum machine, step sequencer and groovebox for createing music and popular grooves.

*** Without ADS ***

Music Studio for professional musicians, DJs, beat producers and beginners help on the fly to create rhythms of any complexity anywhere .You can easily make powerful beats in popular and underground genres such like: Dubstep, Trap, Techno, Garage, House, Glitch, Electronica.

What you will find in the application?

– Powerful sequencer for creating music;
– Share music functions
– Presets in popular and underground musical genres; Dubstep, Trap, Techno, Garage, House, Glitch, Electronica
– Original samples in high quality (Kick,Snare,Hat,Tom,Clap,Bass);
– Swing mode for broken and realistic rhythms;
– Autoplay Mode for generating random grooves;
– High quality recording;
– Intuitive design with innovative animation;
– BPM changer;
– Ability to mix sounds from various musical genres in one.

All features are available absolutely free

Using autoplay mode can create interesting and unusual rhythmic patterns,enabling applications to generate their own rhythm.Minimalist graphics and innovative animation will help you focus only on creating music without being distracted by unnecessary.

With Drum Machine Pads you can export recorded songs into your music library or share it with your friends.Just push drum pads for starting.

You do not need to be a professional to create music.
Made by musicians for other artists.

By Alexey Natarov

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