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JAMBL is a powerful music creation tool that lets you create tasty beats in seconds, and share your music with a music video.

It is a totally new and better way to compose and perform live music while staying in the flow… It’s so easy, you can even play with your eyes closed. And its the only music app that lets you make the music and the music video!

Music making:
Our musical Algo-rhythm puts your taps in the groove, in the scale, on key, and on point, letting you create a limitless variety of beats and melodies instantly.

Video auto-edits:
After making a beat you love, record a short video: Dance, throw signs, show your surroundings, take a video of whatever you want! The auto-edit feature will Jambl up your video to make it cut, reverse and loop with the beat. Perfect for sharing on social media stories.

– Super easy to use – just use your fingertips and your intuitive creativity
– No pre-made loops! – unlock your own musical creativity
– Everything you create is 100% your own – all rights reserved for you

With +100 high-quality samples by top sound designers and amazing musicians from all around the world.

The intuitive Jambl sequencer lets you create beats in any style imaginable:
– Electrofunk
– Trap / Vaporwave
– Old school Hip-Hop
– Analog techno
– Classical music
– 8bit / Chiptune / VGM
– Traditional music from around the world
– New sounds added weekly!

How to get started?
– Choose a Jam-pack (music style with a collection of sounds)
– Tap and swipe your fingers on the Play-screen to make loops
– Share your beats with a video edit
– become instantly cool
– Develop your skills over time

Check out the tutorials section for some special pro tips: 

Why does it matter for you?
– Unlock your musical talent – music is one of the most natural, and powerful way to express yourself
– Connect more deeply with people by playing together
– Relax, have fun and increase your creativity
– Show your talent to the world, get
When to use?

When to use Jambl?
– Musical experimentation, alone or with your fam
– Bored at home or on the way – use the time loss to lose yourself in a creative activity
– Connect with your friends online in a creative way
– Get quick inspiration for developing your musical career
– When you’re stressed out over bullshit
– When you’re chilling with the crew
– When you need some me time
– On the way to get paid
– On the toilet!
– Waiting for the end of the universe

JAMBL killer features:
– Super fast music creation
– Smart looper system
– Live multiplayer jamming
– Adding videos to your beats
– Control the instrument volume with the phone gyroscope
– Mashup different styles to create your own genre

What is our plan?
This is just the beginning! Expect many new features in the coming updates, including vocal
recording, online-collaboration, built-in community radio, and many more improvements.

What is the Jambl vision?
We believe that music can create a better, more collaborative culture, and we want to use technology in a way that helps to create real-life human connections. 

Our mission is to give the power of music creation to all people and create a world where everyone can make music together.
Would love to hear from you, drop us a line:

Jambl HQ

By Jambl GmbH

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