APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Kaupang Studios Inc – Shark Metronome Pro (Tempo Tracking) – Keep the Groove with the best free rhythm generator (BPM Click = Pro Timing)

WARNING: 100% sample accuracy

Shark Metronome is the ultimate practice tool for musicians in need of a good metronome when on the road. It is sample accurate, using advanced low-level audio technology. This will always provide you with the rock-solid beat that you need for practicing. Disclaimer, this powerful tool will shred all competing metronomes!

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-Sample accurate
-Select Accent: 1-7 beats
-Beat Range: 20-440 BPM
-iOS 7.0 Compatible
-Includes HD for iPad
-Enhanced for iPhone 5S
-Tap your own tempo!
-Multiple sound packs
-Awesome Graphics
-New updates Free!

To use it, simply tap the Shark to start/stop the Metronome. You can change the beat or tempo by tapping the + and – buttons, or hold to increase/decrease BPM by 20. This is simply the easiest beat-shark in-store, get it for free now!

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By Kaupang Studios Inc

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