APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Major Seven Lab – reChord – transcribe chords with guitar diagrams for all your songs

Automagically extract the chords for any song stored on your iPhone or iPad. ReChord features the fastest and most accurate chord detection engine. It starts detecting beats and chords in one second at most.
The chords are beautifully displayed with big and readable guitar neck diagrams.
– detect all the chords from any song in your iTunes library
– play along the original song while the chord chart tells you what to play
– change the playback speed and pitch. (Pro)
– touch the waveform to freeze the sound and listen to every notes that are playing at any moment in time
– alter the guitar digram with a capo (Pro)
– more that 60 alternate tunings for guitar, bass and ukulele (Pro)
– Advanced chord detection (there is a lot more to music than major and minor…) (Pro)
– beautiful color interface
– many more to come!

The features marked with (Pro) are unlocked by buying the Pro extensions in the In App Store.
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By Major Seven Lab

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